Happy Anniversary (no thanks to Cold Stone Creamery…

That’s right.  We are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary today.  We called cousin Rebekah to come babysit and then headed down to Atlantic Station for dinner.  When we were in New York City several years ago we ate at Rosa Mexicano.  The have guacamole that they make at your table.  After we moved here they built a Rosa Mexicano in Atlantic Station.  We have been wanting to go down there ever since and this was our first opportunity.


So, we sat down and ordered our gaucamole and while the waiter made it at our table we looked around and commented on the couple that was seated not far from us.  They had their very small baby with them.  We chuckled about how this was probably their “cheap mexican restaurant” that they just go to when neither one of them had time to cook dinner like we go to places like Sangrias and Los Bravos.  But for us Rosa Mexicano was nice enough to be our anniversary dinner!

After the meal, the waiter asked if we wanted dessert and we passed knowing that there was a Cold Stone Creamery just around the corner.  So, we headed to the Creamery and started to salivate as we got near.  We could almost taste the chocolate and peanut butter mixtures in the warm waffle cones.  We get to the counter and order.  The girl behind the counter says “that will be without peanut butter.”  Morgan and I looked at each other in confusion.  “What?”  She went on to explain that they were still not serving anything with peanut butter in it because of the peanut recall.  I asked “How are you going to make a Peanut Butter Cup Perfection with no peanut butter since its ingredients are icecream, peanut butter, fudge, and a peanut butter cup?”  She responded “It will be chocolate ice cream with fudge.  Do you want that or can I make something else for you?”  That is when I said, “This is ridiculous.  We are leaving.”  And we did leave.  We stopped at DQ on our way home!


Now, I understand there was a peanut scare.  But, peanut butter was never in question and Reeses’ products were never in question.  Cold Stone Creamery needs to get a new legal department that can research the facts!  Or at a minimum they should have a sign on the door and on the menu and on the glass counter explaining that they are not serving peanut butter!

Happy Anniversary Morgan!  Even if Cold Stone tried to ruin it…


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