What does shingles look like?

Shingles looks like a job at a nonprofit where you already have more responsibilities than you should because, hey, its a nonprofit and so spending money on the appropriate level of administrative employees is crazy talk.  And then, as if you aren’t already overworked, the building floods and as the Director of Finance and Business Operations it is now your full-time job to manage this disaster.  And you still have to do your other more-than-full-time job.  Oh yeah, you also are in charge of managing the capital campaign project to add 4,000 sq feet to the building that just flooded.  Did I mention that your nonprofit is in the middle of a search for a new Executive Director which means tons of transition is occurring.  As if your workload wasn’t enough stress, you add to it that you are taking classes trying to get a Masters in nonprofit management, because, hey, might as well get a Masters degree in this field so that you can devote the rest of your career to being overworked and underpaid.  And to top it all of you are the very proud father of a 4 week old baby boy who still hasn’t figured out the difference between sleeping during the day and sleeping during the night!  That is what shingles looks like.

Oh wait, did you just want to see a picture of my shingles instead of hearing about what caused my shingles?  Ok, here you go:


What does shingles feel like?  It is a piercing pain in your heart because all you want to do is hold your 4 week old baby boy but the doctor forbid you from doing it until a week after your rash goes away.  It is the feeling of guilt for not being able to help your wife who is already carrying more of the baby raising burden because the doctor told you not to touch the baby until a week after your rash goes away.

Oh wait, did you just want to know what the actual physical pains are?  Basically there is a rash that itches and hurts and the muscles and nerves in my chest and side and back feel like I have been punched over and over by Drago from Rocky IV.

Lesson learned: work and school stress are not as important as taking care of yourself so that you can hold the ones you love!




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5 responses to “What does shingles look like?

  1. Elizabeth

    hang in there, robert and let us know if you need anything…and please don’t post any more pictures of your rashy bodyparts!


  2. Davis Bailey


  3. Oh, that’s awful. I’m so sorry!

  4. Phyllis Bearden

    I had shingles on my forehead going down the bridge of my nose and one on my eyelid. Along with the pain, I was very visibly ugly. Imagine a huge, lumpy red forehead – sort of Frankenstein like.

    Anyway, remember to rest, and think about what you can control and what you can’t. A great and older friend told me a long time ago, “Why worry, a 100 years from now, who’ll know?” Sometimes that helps when you’re freaking your own body out.

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