First Solo Expedition=Failure!

So, having a baby is hard work.  I guess most of you know that, but going from very pregnant and dreaming about cute baby things to being responsible for a tiny little person 24/7 is a big adjustment.  

And because of the flood at Robert’s office, Stockton and I have had a lot of quality time on our hands, or to be more precise, on the boob.  I am pretty sure that he eats for about 20 hours a day.    

After about a week or so, Stockton began to sleep for longer stretches at night, which meant that I got to sleep for maybe 3 hours at a time instead of 1 or 2.  But starting last Thursday night, Stockton decided that he likes to eat way more than sleep, so the past several days have been very long.  

But, I slept a little last night while Robert watched Stockton and this morning the rain lulled the little man to sleep for a bit longer, so feeling somewhat refreshed and really in need of a change of scenery, I decided to venture out with the little guy all by myself.

So, I feed Stockton, changed his diaper, and got him dressed for the day.  That took a little over an hour.  Then I put him in the swing in our bathroom so that I could shower and get dressed.  This was a big accomplishment over yesterday, when Stockton spent the majority of the day in his diaper after having a blowout and I spent the day in a robe, since Stockton demanded to eat as soon as I got out of the shower.  

Luckily, today, the hairdryer kept him calm and so getting showered and ready wasn’t too bad until I had to try and find clothes to fit over my flabdomen.  One problem with having maternity tops that accentuate your tummy is now I no longer want my tummy to be accentuated but my regular tops don’t fit too well because my boobs are so freaking large!  Arughhhh!

Anyway, after getting myself ready, I rounded up some things to return to Target, remembered to get some checks for the bank into the diaper bag, collected my cell phone, buckled Stockton into his car seat, grabbed all of our gear and got it all loaded into the car.  I have to admit, I was feeling pretty successful at this point.

Then, the car wouldn’t start.  No, I am not kidding.  I wish I was.  I about had a melt down, but instead, I sent my loving husband a text message and he came and rescued us.  I guess when you don’t drive your car for a few weeks, it decides not to work for you.  

We got the car jumped off and started and then we ventured out for a healthy lunch at 5 Guys.  After Robert went back to work, Stockton and I went to the bank and to Target.  And since I was already pushing my luck on the amount of time spent away from the boob, I figured we better head back home.   

So, I guess after all was said and done, we did actually make it out of the house.  Hopefully our lunch date tomorrow will be a bit easier.  


Me and my little man

Me and my little man



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10 responses to “First Solo Expedition=Failure!

  1. Sounds like a successful outing to me!
    It will all get easier.
    And then he’ll hit puberty.

  2. Kathy

    I think you look fabulous! You can always give me a call if you’d like to take a nap some afternoon – it’s fun to play with other peoples’ babies!

  3. Sarah

    I second what Marci said.
    And you will learn to deal with breastfeeding in the car, in quiet corner booths in restaurants – shawls/wraps are more than fashion statements – they are baby slings and modesty drapes, too!

  4. Tom

    wow, that story should have a warning in the title. That was a little more info than I was ready for on a Wednesday Afternoon. Yikes!!! Remember how uncomfortable we used to make Nick and James feel when we were all talking about marriage stuff, well I think baby stuff make me feel the same way.

    Glad you and the fam are good.


  5. Sarah Hofmann

    Any outing where you actually make it out the door (showered and diapered or not) is a successful outing… congratulations! And I totally agree… nursing + clothing = Aaaaaaaaagh!

  6. Susan

    Stockton is adorable, and you look great. Don’t try any pre preggo shirts that button down the front, that brought me to tears. I have a hooter hider if you want to borrow it (drape that velcros around the neck). I was a car feeder, or fitting room feeder in Target, mall, etc. You will get creative!

  7. Kate

    I know it probably doesn’t feel like it, but I would say you are way ahead of the curve. I seriously don’t think I left the house with Gabe (other than for dr. appointments) for two months. Truly! And…it took me ever longer to figure out how to get a shower! The whole swing thing never occurred to me. Give yourself a big pat on the back and permission to go to bed early (if the little guy agrees!)!! Also, I second everyone else…you look great!

  8. Melanie

    You are doing great!! When I had Camden I swear I never went anywhere without my mom for the first 6 months!! I wouldn’t let her do anything, I just kept telling her she was back-up (ha!)
    It gets easier!! Then you decide to have another one and it starts again!!

  9. ahhhh…we remember those days 🙂

  10. Morgan, you look beautiful! That little guy is too cute. Unfortunately, I am afraid of babies, even Olin as Carol will tell you. When he is five I will offer you a vacation of babysitting in Florida!

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