Stockton’s First Fire Truck

My office has been really great about my paternity leave.  They gave me a week paid and then are letting me use sick leave (which I have 2 weeks a year) and vacation (which I have 4 weeks a year) to do whatever else I need to do.  Of course, being the Director of Finance and Business Operations there are some thing that I HAVE to do in order to keep the organization running, like payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable.  So, my plan was to not work any last week, then I was going to work Monday, Tuesday, and half a day on Wednesday this week.  And then I was going to do the same thing next (work Monday, Tuesday, and half a day on Wednesday).  Then I was going to take stock and see what my schedule would be for the next few weeks.  Well, all of that changed yesterday.

I was home and Morgan and I decided to go to Target.  This was going to be both Morgan’s and Stockton’s first trip out of the house for anything except for the doctor’s appointments we had already been to.  We were all looking forward to this first “field trip” together.  We arrived at Target around 2:30 PM and not five minutes after we had been at the store I received the call.  Apparently 2 sprinkler heads at the office had failed and were going off full blast.  So, I gathered up Stockton and Morgan checked us out and we headed to the office.  The whole way there I was coordinating with the sprinkler company and the office to try and get the thing turned off.  In the meantime, it had gotten so bad at the office that they dialed 911 and the fire department was there when I arrived.

When I arrived there was 2-3 inches of water everywhere on the first and second floor and every ceiling on the first floor was dripping.  Apparently the two heads that malfucntioned were upstairs and so they flooded the upstairs and then the water eventually came through the floor and the ceiling to flood the downstairs.  Everything is wet.  Chuck and I began to coordinate with the fire department who shut off the electricity out of fear of electrocution and with the sprinkler company.  I got on the phone with the disaster response team of our insurance company.  By 6:30 PM we had the sprinkler company fixing the problem and a 10 person disaster team in place to remove the water and begin the repairs.  They planned on working late into the night and told us the office would be closed for 7-10 days while they did their job.

So, the good news is that I am home because the office is closed.  The bad news is that I will probably be working some to try and coordinate this cleanup effort and this intereferes with my paternity leave plans.  I guess I will just take some time when this is all cleaned up.  I did salvage our server and brought it home with me.  I have to get it back up and running before Monday so we can get reports off of it so I can do payroll on Tuesday, otherwise there will be 80 really unhappy people come Feb 12th.

The silver lining of all of this is that Stockton did see his first Fire Truck!!!!!




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6 responses to “Stockton’s First Fire Truck

  1. Nick Reed

    I’m sorry man! That sucks so bad. I hope the clean up process is painless and not difficult. Sucks your first field trip was stopped too. I hope today is better! Say hello to the family

  2. Luke

    Wow. That really sucks for the office. Hope all goes well getting everything cleaned up, and everyone paid.

    (Now, on the other hand… and Stockton’s too young to fully appreciate this… but most kids would say that field trip turned out much better than planned!)

  3. crowbar

    could you please write more? am hooked. thanks, bs

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