Pictures of Stockton

We haven’t figured out quite yet how we are going to share pictures with everyone.  If you have suggestions (like Flickr, Shutterfly, etc.) please let us know your thoughts.

For now, I have posted a few more albums on Facebook.  However, I recognize that not everyone is on Facebook.  Some of you use your spouses Facebook account instead of getting your own (Ashley).  And some of you that are on Facebook may not be my friend.  However, there is a function on facebook that allows you to share an album with people who are not on facebook.  So, for now I will post the links to the albums on facebook on this blog and then you can click on the links and see the albums.

Here are the first 3 albums:



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5 responses to “Pictures of Stockton

  1. Lorinda

    He is seriously beautiful! I cannot wait to meet him! Shutterfly is my personal fave. The pictures you order are of good quality and you can put the date/title on the back of each picture, which is nice. is really great for blogging, pictures, etc. Love y’all!

  2. Aunt Patty

    Robert & Morgan,
    Thanks so much for posting the pictures of Stockton for those of us in KY. He is perfect. =-)
    Patty & John Paul

  3. Tom

    I say if you aren’t on facebook, you shouldn’t be able to see the pics. I am going to change all my passwords so Ashley has to create her own account. I have been an enabler too long, and I will not be used any longer.

    oh, great pics, can’t wait to meet the little guy.

  4. Nat

    Great pics! Shelby likes to use KodakGallery to share and order prints from. Photobucket is good, too. You can make some neat slideshows, etc.

  5. EMSA

    great pics…i really like the one where miller is checking swinging stockton out!

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