8:00 AM Update

We have had a long night.  All of the grandparents-to-be arrived around 1:30 AM.  Morgan progressed very slowly and so they gave her some medicine to help things along.  That seemed to start things in motion.  After several hours of pain, Morgan finally asked for the epidural.  The epidural was administered around 6:30 AM and the first exam following that showed that the she was fully dilated.

Morgan is sitting up and is feeling much better now.  We think Baby Hay will be here soon…



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15 responses to “8:00 AM Update

  1. Robin Mann

    Woo hoo! we are praying for you all!

  2. Rob Jackson

    Very exciting! Come on, baby!

  3. pitocin with 2, epidural with all 3. Result: 3 healthy babies, a supportive and helpful dad in delivery, and a mom that LOVED labor. No regrets. Can’t wait to meet him!

  4. Marijane

    Yay! Congratulations!

  5. Carol Steele

    won’t be long now! thanks for keeping us updated, Robert! Can’t wait to hear your next report!

  6. Phyllis Ward

    Praying for all of you and that amazing new Child of God!

  7. Jo

    Good luck!! I’m so excited for you all!

  8. Sarah Hofmann

    Wow! 12 hours without an epidural… Amazing! Go Morgan! Praying for you all.

  9. lynne

    Big prayers for all of you! Can’t wait to hear the news and see some pictures!!!!!

  10. becky

    Yay, BabyHay, get here soon (maybe you are here?)! Morgan and Robert, you’ll do great.
    Love y’all lots,
    Becky in Boston

  11. Jo Anderson

    Those of us at the First Call Retreat are praying for you all!

  12. Jo Anderson

    Those of us at the First Call Retreat are praying for you all!

  13. presbytide

    Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Looking forward to getting the word!!!

  14. Tom

    Yay, Stockton Hay. Pics are on Morgan’s facebook.
    8lbs. 7oz

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