Down to single digits…

Nine!  9?  What comes to mind when you think of the number 9?  9 Ladies Dancing?  9 innings?  9 planets (okay 8 planets and Pluto)?  Nine ball?  Nine months in a pregnancy?  Well ever since 1986 anytime someone says 9 I think of the following:

Ed Rooney: So far this semester he has been absent nine times.
Katie Bueller: Nine times?
Ed Rooney: Nine times.
Katie Bueller: I don’t remember him being sick nine times.
Ed Rooney: That’s probably because he wasn’t sick. He was skipping school. Wake up and smell the coffee, Mrs. Bueller. It’s a fool’s paradise. He is just leading you down the primrose path.
Katie Bueller: I can’t believe it.
Ed Rooney: I’ve got it right here in front of me. He has missed nine days…
[His computer screen begins counting down from nine to two. Ferris is at home looking at the same screen]
Ferris: I asked for a car, I got a computer. How’s that for being born under a bad sign?

Yep, Ferris Bueller is what I think of when I hear the number 9.  I find myself reciting the words “Nine Times” in an Ed Rooney voice.  I could recite all of my favorie lines from that movie, but it would take about 102 minutes.

Of course ever since 1995, this is the movie quote that typically pops in my head after the Ferris Bueller quote when I hear the word Nine:

Tommy: I l-left a message.
Richard Hayden: A message? What number did you call?
Tommy: Two, four, niner, five, six, seven…
Richard Hayden: I can’t hear you, you’re trailing off and did I catch a niner in there? Were you calling from a walkie-talkie?
Tommy: No, it was cordless.
Richard Hayden: You know what? Don’t. Not here, not now.

Yep, Tommy Boy!  Another classic movie.  I could quote movies all day, but that is not the point of this post.

Today nine is the number of days we have left until the due date.  And I am fully aware that the baby will come when he pleases and that the due date is a very in-exact science.  And I don’t know if I was born under a bad sign like Ferris, but I do know that I have a computer (a MacBook, which is similar to Ferris’ Apple IIe) and I can change the countdown on the right side of this page to be any number I want.  Morgan wants me to change it to 1 day.  We hosted a baby shower at our house for some friends yesterday and Morgan was determined that the baby wouldn’t arrive before that, but now that is over, she is totally ready for the baby to arrive.  I want to change it to 5.  I have a board meeting on Tuesday and a paper due Wednesday in class and so I would prefer if he would arrive after Wednesday and if he is going to wait that long he might as well wait until the weekend when it is easier for our parents to arrive.  Although I think my Dad has a retreat next weekend and so that will probably be when he arrives.

Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as changing a countdown widget on a blog.  This baby is going to come whenever God wants him to arrive and I know full well that not even I can schedule and control this.

Here is a pic of Morgan taken on Saturday in eager anticipation.


Peace out,

-Herbie Hancock

PS- The rooms at the hospital have mini fridges in them that we can keep six packs of beer soda in…



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5 responses to “Down to single digits…

  1. sharon benton

    Morgan, you are the cutest pregnant lady! I’m not even pregnant (boy, talk about a miracle) but now I want a blizzard too! Is there any such thing as a menopausal blizzard?
    Keep nesting – it won’t be long now!

  2. Tom

    I think this kid is waiting for the Super Bowl. Hope he’s not an Cardnals fans. Tell Morg to eat spicy food and do more Jumpin-Jacks. We are ready for Trey Beignet Goulet Hay to get here.

  3. Kate

    Love the mini-fridge! Popsicles are also a good addition. =)
    Morgan, you look beautiful!

  4. Tom

    The word on Facebook right now is that the Hay baby may be down to single digits in hours, not days. Our prayers are with you Hays.

  5. Leigh Ann Laney

    Morgan- you look absolutely beautiful.

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