Throughout my pregnancy, people have asked me what I have craved and the honest truth is, I haven’t really had many cravings, except for a brief frozen coke stage.

Sure, I have had the occasional treat and second helping and blamed it on the baby, but I have not had any true cravings.

Until tonight.  We assembled the exercauser that came for the baby and had spaghetti for dinner and I just couldn’t shake my craving for a Blizzard.  I tried to resist.  Robert even tried to talk me out of it.  

But I pulled the ultimate pregnant woman trump card and made sad puppy dog eyes and talked about how I had yet to send him off for any pregnancy cravings and made him get out in the cold and go fetch me a Blizzard.


I was a nice wife and went with him and I even let him have one too.  I know, I am a saint.  

And to top it all off, Robert even brought me flowers tonight.  Of course, that was before I made him get me a Blizzard.  He is the best husband in the world.  

3 colors of flowers- for the baby, the daddy, and the mommy

3 colors of flowers- for the baby, the daddy, and the mommy



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3 responses to “Cravings

  1. Robin Mann

    sausage biscuits at midnight, some things you just can’t fight.

  2. Sarah

    I didn’t realize you and Robert were expecting – how wonderful. You are in my prayers, indeed!

  3. Julie

    Awe, how sweet!

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