Seriously? Seriously?!

So, it has officially happened.  I got out of my nice, warm, comfy bed at 1 in the morning to clean in the baby’s room.  

I know- unbelievable.

I laid in the bed for over an hour listening to Robert snore, trying to fight the urge to get up, but it was just too strong.  I felt like I had just chugged multiple venti frappuccinos and every part of my body was saying- “Must get up and do baby laundry right now!”

It was a bit ridiculous.  But, I got up and went into the baby’s room and sorted through blankets and bibs and burp cloths, and cut off tags and started laundry.  After a few hours, I felt like I had accomplished something and trekked back to bed.  Robert never knew I was gone.

So, now we just sit and wait for the baby to decide he is ready to come and play with all of his freshly laundered duds!

I think he is waiting for warmer weather.



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6 responses to “Seriously? Seriously?!

  1. Phyllis Bearden

    Back many decades ago, my mom told me if I woke up wanting to mop, it was time so maybe all this activity means the baby is ready – come out, come out and no playing Sardines (did Dave make that name up?)

  2. Rebekah

    this is encouraging. maybe there is hope for me yet!

  3. lynne

    Ah, the joys of nesting. Don’t fight it because that motivation is about to go right out the window soon!

  4. Debbie

    Y’all are blessed beyond belief!!!!

  5. my prediction is that Baby Hay is coming on Saturday-Sunday 🙂

  6. Katherine M.

    Robert! I can’t believe I saw you today and forgot to ask how Morgan’s doing! I’m so sorry! Can’t wait to meet him whenever he decides to arrive!

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