Merry Christmas!

I know- it has been forever since we updated, but things have been busy here in Making Hay land.  Since our last update, we have been busy with lots of things, including a lock-in at church on Dec. 19, a trip to the Doc-in-a-Box for Robert, preaching 2 Sundays in a row, and doing my first wedding!  In between all of that, we celebrated Christmas with 25 members of my family, including having 21 people to dinner at our house between Christmas Eve services, and traveled to North Carolina for a whirlwind Christmas with 19 members of Robert’s family.  I know it sounds a bit exhausting and it has been, hence, no time for blog postings.

However, we have spent the last few days at home and have recovered nicely.  Even though it is still technically Christmas, we took advantage of being off work and undecked the house and officially bid adios to Christmas and turned our attention to operation Baby Hay.   

So, the last few days, we have spent quite a bit of time sitting in the baby’s room trying to mentally prepare ourselves for his arrival.  Since the mental preparations only took us so far, we also resorted to some manual labor.  We hung an awesome cornice board over the window that my parents made for the baby that is covered in the bedding material from his crib.  We have also put together lamps and shelves for the closet and made lots of lists of what we need to do and have for the baby.  The baby even got an ipod dock.  He is pretty hip and with it.  We even finally started getting that bag of stuff together for the hospital.  I guess it is about time since he is due in the next 30 days!

I have had the reoccurring feeling that the baby is going to arrive early over the past few weeks.  This feeling mainly stemmed from my being super busy and responsible for quite a few things around the church and not feeling prepared for the baby’s arrival.  So now that I am finished with all the major things on my to do list at work and we have finally turned our attention to getting ready for the baby, I am sure that he will make himself nice and comfy in his current home and decide to wait until well after his due date to make his appearance.  

In other fun news, we spent our Christmas money and got a camera- a Nikon D60. We have had lots of fun playing around with it, although we still have quite a bit to learn.  We even took it to the wedding that I did on New Year’s Eve and took lots of good pictures.  But it wasn’t until we were home from the wedding and into our pjs that we realized that we never got a picture of ourselves all dolled up for the night.  Robert looked quite handsome in his suit and I resembled a beached whale in my lovely maternity party dress.  Too bad the look was not captured for posterity! 

Anyway, we hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year!  Hopefully we will be better about posting from here on out.  I can’t believe we are down to the final month!  

PS- The baby has the hiccups.  I am pretty sure that is his way of saying hello to everyone out in the blogworld.


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  1. Linds

    I can’t wait to see the pictures you took at the wedding. If you get a chance, will you send them? I guess the baby hasn’t made his appearance yet. Good luck with the delivery!

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