Practicing Good Hygiene

Because I know that you all are worried- never fear- the baby is already learning good hygiene skills.  Baby Hay had his first ever shower this past weekend and boy did he make out like a bandit!  



As we were getting ready that morning, Robert felt the need to comment on my ever growing stomach and I said, I have to make this baby look good so no one will feel bad about giving him lots and lots of presents!  Then I begged to be able to remove the ever growing belly from my front once the party was over, but apparently it doesn’t work that way.  

So, thanks to the generosity of our good friends and family, the baby is loaded up on lots of cool gear.  He can now safely be allowed to leave the hospital after he arrives due to his cool new car seat and stroller.  He also has lots of cool outfits to wear and some toys to play with.  He got some cool “walkie-talkies” too, so we can keep tabs on him from around the house.  (“Did I catch a niner in there?”)  


As he gets older, he has a great bumbo chair to sit in and then a full grown fancy high chair so he can join us at the big kid’s table!  He also got some cool bath towels and a shark washcloth, some burp cloths and books, and all sorts of other exciting baby things.


And, thanks to his diaper cake, he now has enough diapers to last him a full day or maybe even two!  Although he still has no diaper wipes, which I am apparently a bit concerned about since I woke up this morning and recalled dreaming that the baby had been born and they were sending us home from the hospital but I didn’t want to leave because we had no diaper wipes at home!


It was a great day and we really appreciated all the people who could come, especially those that drove into town for the big event!  A special shout out goes to all of our hosts, which we neglected to get a good picture of (hence the need for a new camera that we will actually take pictures with since all of these pictures were taken by one of the grandmothers-to-be).  So, the best I can do is show you a pic of some of the hosts that provided commentary and back up dancer moves during the present opening.  It was quite comical- especially when they decided that Robert needed some matching onesie footie pajamas to go along with the cute ones that his son received!  Maybe Santa will bring those at Christmas!  

The peanut gallery

The peanut gallery



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4 responses to “Practicing Good Hygiene

  1. susan

    You guys look like pros with the car seat and stroller. Bring it on Baby Hay!

  2. Melanie

    Congrats!! You are looking great and you are almost there!! Don’t worry about the wipes, the hospital will send you home with all that stuff!! There’s even a method to stashing diapers and wipes so you yet refilled between nurse shifts-I wasn’t very good at that though!! The only thing they don’t send you home with is a nighttime nurse…I tried but my suitcase was too small-oh well!

  3. Katherine M.

    Could Nick and Davis look any more sketchy in the background there?

    No, the answer is definitely, no.

  4. Tom

    At least they look interested in what is going on. These are guys at a baby shower, what else do you really what them to do? hahaha

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