Stairs for the baby

Before we knew we were having a baby I started a project.  On Easter weekend when my in-laws were here, Morgan’s dad, brother, and sister helped me start a deck.  When we bought the house I said I was going to build a deck and with some encouragement from Mike (Morgan’s dad) we got the project started.  Easter weekend we got most of the frame of the deck built and then over the next few weeks with some help from Tom Bryson and my brother, I finished the deck…well almost.  The deck was all right angles and straight lines, but I was very intimidated by adding the stairs.  So, I built a place for the stairs, but never built the stairs.  We have had a very nice deck since April without stairs.  Morgan finally put her foot down and said I had to finish the stairs before the baby was born.  Well, since there are only 65 days until the due date, I figured I better get cracking.

So, I bribed my Dad and my brother who were here for Thanksgiving with some smoked Boston Butt and College Football on a HDTV on Saturday if they would help me build the stairs on Thursday and Friday.  We worked all day Thursday and then fried a Turkey and stuffed ourselves with a late Thanksgiving dinner.  We then worked most of the day on Friday and finished the stairs.  As promised we did nothing but watch college football and eat pork on Saturday.  Unfortunately the Auburn Tigers didn’t show up in Tuscaloser!

Here are some pics of our work:







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8 responses to “Stairs for the baby

  1. Tom

    great job on the steps. I hope they were easier than that blooming door frame.

  2. Katherine M.

    Wow, I’m impressed. Props to the Hay men (and Morse family who helped with the deck). That’s awesome!

  3. rachel Harrod

    wonderful job on the steps!!!! I think they look very structurly sound!!!

  4. Tom Bryson helped you build a deck? One time, at church camp, I build a giant screen out of PVC pipe and bed sheets with him, but I wouldn’t exactly let him construct something people stand on. : )
    With Love from Tom’s Impending Shadow

  5. Tom

    I can’t believe Lindsay is doubting my building skills in a public forum. That was the best movie screen ever. As my shadow this summer, you now have to build one of the dorms at PC for the 900 kids at MSC. hahahahaha (evil laugh) hahahaha.

  6. My plan for the movie screen is:

    1. Get two ladders.
    2. Put one member of the work crew a top each.
    3. Bribe them with an ice pop and anti-itch cream to hold a white sheet between them for the length of the film.
    4. Pat myself on the back.

    As far as building a dorm, I say we let them sleep outside. We can get a sprinkler schedule to use as showers. I hope Morgan will approve my plans!

  7. Morgan

    Sleeping outside and showering in the sprinklers would definitely cut down on the number of maintenance calls we receive! I like it!

  8. Tom

    Good plans, I guess that is why they pay you the big bucks!

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