The Big Easy


Thanks for the bib Grandma and Grandpa Hay!

New Orleans has been a favorite vacation spot for Robert and I for awhile now.  Our first venture to NOLA was back in 1997 for the Beta formal.  We went every year in college and then for several years after we got married.  Our last trip was in 2004 to watch Auburn play in the Sugar Bowl.  

So, I was really excited when I found out the the Presbyterian Youth Workers Association gathering was going to be in New Orleans this year.  Of course at that time, I had no idea that I would be 7 months pregnant when the conference rolled around.  Unfortunately, “The Big Easy” isn’t quite as easy when you are as big as a house!

On the plus side, I had a great excuse to eat lots of food (red beans and rice, jambalaya, po-boys, muffalettas, and plenty of beignets).  On the down side, I drank lots of water while watching others imbibe Hurricanes and Hand Grenades.  Also, Bourbon Street loses all of its appeal while 7 months pregnant.  

Highlights from the trip include:

  • Robert joining me for the weekend and getting to hang out with friends from seminary.  
  • Taking a carriage ride with Zeno the tour guide and Sandy the mule.  Especially when Sandy decided to start walking as I was trying to hoist my 7 month pregnant self into the buggy!
  • Touring the 9th Ward and seeing the new houses that are being built by Brad Pitt and others.  
  • Listening to a Gospel Choir.
  • Sharing fun stories with friends over beignets and cafe au lait and Cafe du Monde.  

And the number one highlight:

  • Deciding to name the baby Beignet Hay!  Since we aren’t telling people the baby’s name (which is killing some people, especially my mom), everyone tried to guess the name throughout the weekend.  So, the baby was called Zeus the majority of the weekend.  However, on the last night, as we sat at Cafe du Monde, brilliance struck and Beignet Hay was christened.  It was decided that it fit all the criteria perfectly, I mean, who can make fun of a name so awesome?  And it does sound good over a loudspeaker (whether the baby is the starting quarterback or the principal in Swan Lake).  So, I dare you to come up with something more brilliant, or delicious, than Beignet Hay!     


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9 responses to “The Big Easy

  1. Amy

    Just promise me his middle name will be “Goulet” …. Beignet Goulet Hay!

  2. I have an atheist friend who likes to make fun of Scientology. They are calling their embryo, “Xenu,” after the creature in that wacky-whatchamacallit.

    Robert should go back to NOLA on Dec 19. But that’s just IMHO…

  3. Nick

    I wonder what brillant minds were surrounding you when the name Beignet was suggested? I bet their smart people who like to have fun in NOLA! Beignet Hay will be famous

  4. Nick

    It wasn’t me, because I can’t even spell brilliant

  5. Julie

    Nick, no offense, man, but neither can you spell “they’re”…

    I like Amy’s suggestion: Beignet Goulet Hay

    Uh-oh. This might stick!

  6. Carrie

    Your brilliance–whoever wants to take the credit 🙂 –is unbelievable. Did you know “beignet” is from the Middle French word for “bump”? Seriously…I looked it up.

  7. Tom

    Beignet Goulet Zeus Hay will stick, I promise.

    How did no one take pictures of all this brilliance?

    Quote of the week-“But he handed me a hat”- The Robert Hay

  8. Robert

    But he DID hand me a hat!?!?!?!?

  9. Morgan

    Who knew that Beignet would be such a fitting name. He is most certainly a “bump” right now. A huge one according to some folks last night. They obviously missed the memo about calling pregnant women fat!

    Thanks for looking up the meaning Carrie!

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