In Full Bloom


27 week baby bump

27 week baby bump

As I am finishing up the 2nd trimester, it is now obvious to the world that I am pregnant.  This obviousness has its ups and downs.

On the plus side, I look pregnant instead of maybe like I’ve just had one too many cheeseburgers at lunch.  Also, people often carry things for me or ask me if I need help, which is nice, though being pregnant does not render one totally useless.

On the down side, people like to comment about the state of my belly constantly.  And most of these people are lacking a bit in the tack department.  Just to let you all know, FAT is not a term that should ever be used when referring to a pregnant woman.  Even saying, “You’re not that fat yet,” is not a good option.  I don’t care what size she is, it is just not cool.  I mean, she is growing a baby, so her stomach is going to get big, maybe even comically large, but there is no need to point this out to her.  I imagine that she already knows!

Also, when asking when a pregnant women is due, no need to visibly let your eyes bug out of your head and say, OMG, you are going to be HUGE by then.  Again, I am sure that this is something that most pregnant women are already all too aware of.  They do not need a reminder about the possibilities that loom large in front of them.

So now you all know.  Pregnant women should always be called beautiful and offered free massages and pedicures!  That is your public service announcement for today.  You’re welcome.  

PS- Go vote!!



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13 responses to “In Full Bloom

  1. jonygardowens

    You are so cute!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I can only hope that, if and when the time comes for my wife and I, my actual words and actions reflect my better intentions.

  3. Rebekah

    Amen, girl! I may post this on my office door. . . . or just carry it with me and hand it out as needed. and you are adorable, btw. 🙂

  4. Melanie

    YOU LOOK GREAT!! How many people have asked you how much weight you’ve gained? I get that one a lot–like I’m going to just tell you!

  5. Patrick

    You look beautiful Morgan!

  6. lynne

    You look fantastic, Morgan! I have two points to add to the belly drama: 1) Everyone thinks they have the right to touch you now. And they don’t seem to get that with all the stretching and stuff that they are touching you on a part of your abdomen that would previously have been considered a major violation for which they could potentially do jail time. 2) Unless you are one of those disgusting women who leaves the hospital in their “old jeans,” wait until people ask how far along you are after you’ve delivered. This old man in the grocery store admired Gabbie when she was like 2 weeks old and then commented that I didn’t waste any time getting pregnant again. True story.

  7. I’ll second lynne’s story in the comment above – I gave a checkout clerk the evil eye for asking me when I was due, as I stood before her with my son, two months postpartum.

    You look lovely and glowing, and I hope you’re feeling as fabulous as you look!

  8. Aunt Patty

    Awwe….Morgan, you are beautiful!

  9. Robert

    Other words that you shouldn’t use (trust me): round, rotund, enormous, large, big, expanding, bustin (as in bustin out of those jeans), preggo, preggers, knocked up, waddle, swollen, and Roseanne Barr.

  10. susan

    Rock the bump Morgan – you look fabulous!!!
    The comments get worse the farther you get along in your pregnancy. And they don’t get any better once you have delivered and have your beautiful baby. It is amazing what people will say……..

  11. Douglass

    Morgan! Thanks so much for posting the picture. Sorry it took me so long to respond. You look great! I can not wait to see you guys in the upcoming holidays.

  12. Sarah

    Morgan, you look fantastic!! So gorgeous!! Yes, people who can wear their “old jeans” two weeks after birth are disgusting. And hear hear on the pedicures and massages… I think the prenatal massage, pedicure, and manicure I got a month before James was due was the best birthday gift I’ve gotten… ever.

  13. I saw you this weekend at Montreat and must say you were gorgeous, AS USUAL!

    I think one other pregnancy perk would be punching someone who made a tactless comment in the face and being able to blame it on hormones.

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