It is starting to look like a nursery…

We have finished most of the work we are going to do in the nursery.

The crib has been purchased, put together, and bedding put on it:

We painted Morgan’s college dresser and put new hardware on it:

We purchased and put together a bookshelf:

We purchased, put together, and attached to the wall a smaller bookshelf:

Thanks to Keith and Whitney for the boxes that you see on the bookshelves.

Left to do:

  • We have a table/toybox that has the initial coat of paint on it.  So, it needs to be “decorated” with the baby’s name.
  • We ordered a glider chair and ottoman (see catalog pictures below).  Hopefully they will be in soon!

Only thing left on the nursery to-do list is to to put a baby in it!



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3 responses to “It is starting to look like a nursery…

  1. Debbie Morse

    It looks great, guys!! I know y’all are getting excited. I hope you got through in time for Robert to watch the Auburn game (Sorry). Morgan, I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday. Robert, we saw Tommie at chuch Sunday, she looks good as usual. Love, Mother

  2. Janice

    The nursery is so cute! I love everything you’ve done. Baby Boy Hay will love it!

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