Registering; A fun-filled Saturday!?!?!?!

So today we went and registered.  We were not planning on registering today because we had plans to take the youth group to a Presbytery event, but as kids are fickle, only 4 of them showed up.  And then the only boy decided he didn’t want to go.  Then one of the girls decided she didn’t want to go and so on until all of them had decided not to go.  Morgan and I were disappointed, but not brokenhearted because the event was like an hour away and so now we had an entire Saturday to do something.  So, what did we do?  We went and registered in the spur of the moment.

So, we headed to Babies “R” Us and arrived around 1pm.  We hadn’t eaten lunch but we had eaten a late breakfast, so we thought we would be okay for an hour.  We sat down at the registry table and were overwhelmed by the over-exaggerated politeness and excitement that the person helping us was showing about our upcoming baby.  She was acting like she was a member of the family and was sooooooo excited for us.  They must give those people crack or something because no one can be that happy about their job every day.  She proceeded to give us a “guide” to registering that was color-coded to match the color-coded map of the store.  The guide had a suggested order in which to go through the store.  They really had this down to a science and I appreciated their efforts.  Their idea was that you should start with the big items (cribs, furniture) then head to more baby gear items (strollers, car seats), and finish with the tedious items (baby nail clippers, bottles, breast pumps).  She further explained in excruciating detail how to use the scanner (come on, it only has like 1 button).  She then asked us how many people we thought would be attending our shower.  Of course we have no idea, so she just uses the number 30.  They have this formula that they multiple the number of people by 4.5 and that is how many items you need to register for.  So, 30 x 4.5 = 135 items.  Morgan and I were a little overwhelmed when she said, “Now don’t bring this back to me without registering for over 135 items”.

So off we went and we did pretty well for the first 1 hour we were there.  We breezed through the furniture section because we had already picked out and ordered our crib.  We also had already picked out the chair we want (not ordered yet) and we are just going to use furniture from around our house for the rest of the nursery.  We then spent some time in the bedding department.  Since we had already picked out our bedding at Target (because it was cheaper) we just scanned everything that had the same colors in it: blue, chocolate brown, and khaki.  We finally arrived at the strollers (aka “travel systems”).  We still had some deciding to do, so we pulled 4 of them off the racks and lined them up in size order and went through collapsing them and picking them up.  We looked at the different colors.  The different prices.  The different compartments.  The different zippers.  The different materials.  The different smells.  Finally we picked one.  We then headed to clothes.  Morgan was oooing and awwwing over everything, so I was just scanning everything she even looked at even if she didn’t particularly like it (my stomach was starting to take over and was in a hurry to get out of there).  After that was over, we both were just about done and hungry and we hadn’t even made it to the tedious section.  Since Morgan hadn’t picked a breast pump yet (and that is all I can say about that) then we couldn’t pick bottles yet, so we breezed through, turned in our gun, got our free gifts for registering and some more cheerful attitudes from the staff there, and headed out to Chick-fil-a.  When it was all done we had only registered for 54 items not the 135 items we were supposed to register for.

The experience was totally different at Target.  At Target you don’t sit down with someone to register.  You go to one of their computers and enter all your information and then an associate appears from behind a door and hands you a gun.  She didn’t even give any instructions on how to use it, so when I asked some questions like “how do I delete something if we mess up?” she said she didn’t know and was frustrated that I even asked such a question.  So, off we went.  We first headed to the video game section to add Mario Kart for the Wii.  I know for a fact that the baby requested that item!!!!!!!!  We then headed to the baby section and duplicated a few items that they have at both stores in case one store is more convenient for people than the other (or if one is cheaper than the other).  Our bedding is from Target, so we got some more of the matching items.  But all in all, we probably only spent about 45 minutes registering at Target and we were probably a lot more loose with the gun (ie, we just scanned anything we saw).

I can see where this can be a much more stressful thing if you are hyper-sensitive to every little thing that you read about every product out there for babies.  Morgan has done her research with the main things we were worried about and after that we just went with the “do I like that?” gut reaction instead of “what does the book say?”.  It was a long day, but all in all, it was relatively stress free and without major disagreement between Morgan and I.  I hope this is a sign of our parenting relationship!

If you are interested in seeing how good (or how bad) we are at registering, you can check out our Registry page above which has links to our registries at Target and Babies “R” Us.



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4 responses to “Registering; A fun-filled Saturday!?!?!?!

  1. I had a stomach turning flashback to our wedding registry shopping experience. When either of us would get aggravated with the other, we’d just start zapping everything in sight. That was a great way to handle that conflict… 🙂

  2. Linds

    Warren LOVED wedding registry shopping. He had a little too much fun with the laser gun 🙂

  3. Lynne

    Ah, the baby registry…mario kart was a good call. Be sure to get an extra steering wheel – that way you don’t have to “share” with the baby. Sheesh.

  4. Melanie

    pretty impressive!! i registered by myself for camden and started w/ the bottles–HOLY GOODNESS. . .i was there for about 2 hours. . .i had all of this advice from all of my well meaning mommy friends, trouble was the advice from each one of them was different. I went back and forth for hours and then settled on what my mom used–playtex drop ins–DONE. . .

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