The current King is not ready to relinquish his crown!

The current King is not ready to relinquish his crown!

Miller has been king of our house for over 6 years now and he is not wanting to give the title up any time soon!  Although the next little king-to-be isn’t due to arrive for another 100 or so days, Miller can sense that trouble is coming.  I read somewhere that dogs can smell the baby already and from the way Miller is acting we think that is true because Miller seems to sense that he is about to be dethroned!!!!

For awhile now, Miller will not leave my side.  He wants to sit in my lap or lay beside me at all times.  And he does not like to be left outside on the porch by himself, at all.  Usually, when Miller goes outside in the morning to eat his breakfast, he is content to hang out on the porch for awhile.  However, these days, that will no longer suffice.  Instead of being a good boy and hanging out on the porch while I get ready in the mornings, Miller tries to scratch his way through the back door.  So, thinking that we were being smart, we started putting a chair in front of the door so he can’t scratch, so now he just barks, forever, and ever, and ever.  It is starting to get ridiculous.

Our sweet little Miller dog has morphed into a barking terror and we are about ready to lose it.  Robert threatens that he is going to buy Miller a bark collar, but so far, Miller doesn’t seem to understand what that means.  We are hoping that our parenting skills will fair better with our next child then they have so far with Miller.  But the chances of that are probably pretty slim.


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