Wallpaper = The Devil

Robert the Stripping King

This Saturday was the first Saturday in several weeks and last Saturday until Thanksgiving that we were both at home, so we decided to be productive and paint the baby’s nursery.  The nursery was already blue and since the baby is a boy and we are lazy parents, we decided to leave the room blue.  The problem with this plan, however, is the lovely wallpaper boarder that adorned the blue walls.  It was ugly and had to go.

So, we ventured out to Home Depot on Thursday night to buy the supplies.  We made it home with a wallpaper scorer, a wallpaper scraper and wallpaper remover spray.  Then we decided to test a small part of the wallpaper to see how it works.  Well, it doesn’t really work so much, because wallpaper is the devil.  

Thus, being the lazy parents-to-be that we are, we thought, maybe we could just paint over the boarder and skip the whole stripping it off the wall step.  So while I was off on Friday, I painted a section over the wallpaper to see how it did.  Well, it didn’t work so well and took way to many coats of paint.  

When Saturday morning rolled around, we started off the day with a big breakfast to get ourselves motivated for the task at hand.  And then after debating the pros and cons of painting over the boarder or stripping it all off, we decided to take the plunge and strip all the boarder down.  A good 4 or 5 hours later, the boarder was finally down.  I am not kidding.  It was after 3 pm when we finally finished getting the boarder down and cleaning up and ventured out of the house for food.

After lunch, we returned and began painting.  The whole project was finally over and cleaned up around 10:30 pm.  It was a long and exhausting day and I am sure that the baby really will notice and appreciate all of our effort.  But, it is done and we feel like we finally have something scratched off the growing To Do list.

Next up, painting old pieces of furniture to use in the nursery so we don’t have to buy a lot of new stuff and getting a crib for the baby to sleep in.  

The Lovely Finished Paint Job


The baby's bedding- but not the crib... that is a project for another day



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5 responses to “Wallpaper = The Devil

  1. Patrick

    Russ Blackwelder and I once removed wallpaper from a bathroom at Morningside P.C. while in seminary–our friendship somehow survived.

  2. libby

    before going to denver for the summer to help my sister and brother-in-law on their house they said i would be peeling a lot of wallpaper. instead we just ripped out the walls and started over. i think it was a good decision.

  3. Melanie

    I almost got that crib set!! I really like it! Good job on the paint–it looks really nice!
    A little too late now, but my parents used fabric softner to help strip their wallpaper–they said it worked. . .oh well, maybe next time!

  4. julie

    That’s pretty impressive that you got all that done in one day. I on the other hand, was asleep until 12, then on the couch til 5. I had a good time Friday night.

  5. lynne

    Yes, indeed, wallpaper is the devil. When I was looking at houses here in charlotte, I actually passed on homes that I really liked – because they had wallpaper in them. I have a friend that rented a steamer to remove wallpaper and it worked a lot better than the scoring/rip method. But it was still messy and a major pain in the ass. But I absolutely love the colors on the wall and in the bedding!

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