For the record

Ok internet- I need to put something out there for the record.

Before our very first ultrasound, way back in June, Robert was convinced that we were having twins.  He kept having dreams of twins and running into strollers for two.  I, on the other hand, was convinced that I might pass out if the doctor told us that we were having multiple babies.

So, we made a bet.  We decided that whoever was correct about the number of babies that were growing in my belly would get out of changing the first dirty diaper.  And, as you all know, I was right and Robert is now changing diaper number 1.  

Fast forward a few months to the ultrasound that we had yesterday.  Robert and I decided to make another wager.  All along, I have thought that the baby is a boy and Robert has felt like it is a girl.  So, being the gamblers that we are, we decided to make another bet.  The winner of the second bet gets to change the second dirty diaper.  And, since you should never bet against a mother’s intuition, I was right again.

So, for the record, Robert has to change the first TWO dirty diapers.  Maybe a few more if we keep betting on things.



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6 responses to “For the record

  1. Marianne

    considering you will be changing trey hay’s diaper 8 – 10 times a day, i say you change your wagers from singular diaper changes to a full day’s worth of diaper duty (pardon the pun)! congrats!

  2. Marci

    And I’d also hold out until birth for the male/female bet. Ultrasounds have been wrong before.

  3. racher

    Forget wagers, you’re HAVING the baby. That makes the rule that if Robert is anywhere in the vicinity, he changes the diapers. It’s in the pregnancy handbook. Look it up.

  4. As a total rookie parent of a 3 week old I couldn’t help but laugh at this post (and completely agree with Marianne). 2 diapers? Rob – it’ll take you more time to put on flip flops than it will for Baby Hay to fill up 2 diapers.

  5. two diapers is nuttin…besides they’re really not all that bad…well that is until they start eating solid foods. we haven’t gotten there yet but soon. You’ve got a good 4-5 months after baby is born 🙂

  6. Patrick

    Morgan–you need to raise the stakes to after you leave the hospital. Robert–just call the nurse to take him to the nursery when the first bomb is unleashed . . . I mean not that I would do that . . . I am just sayin . . .

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