Heading to the beach

In about 4 more hours, I will be officially done with work for the week and Robert will be finished with work and class, so what should we do to celebrate?  I think heading to the beach for the weekend sounds like a fine plan.  

Robert’s brother is getting installed as the Chaplain at UNC-W and we are heading up for the festivities.  Then we are hanging out for a few days of R & R at the beach.  I can’t wait.  The last few weeks have been pretty crazy!

The baby is also pretty excited about the beach, seeing as it will be his/her first beach outing.  The mama, on the other hand, is not very excited about wearing a bathing suit, especially since buying a maternity suit seemed a bit ridiculous for 3 days at the beach at the end of September.  It should be interesting… 

We will be thinking about you all, as we waste away the days frolicking in the sand and surf!


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  1. Tom Bryson

    Hope yall are having fun at the beach.

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