20 weeks down…20 weeks to go!

Yep, we are halfway there.  I think I am starting to get a little worried now.  Morgan is doing well (although she has a cold today), but I think I am now feeling like there is a lot to do between now and February 3rd.  We are trying to get a contractor to remodel our basement.  We need to do the nursery.  We need to buy furniture. We need to register.  We need to look into college savings plans.  And we still have to figure out a name!!!!!  And all of this is happening in the middle of college football season…

Any advice on how to get all this done?



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4 responses to “20 weeks down…20 weeks to go!

  1. jonygardowens

    I went to a financial planning workshop this weekend. If you get grandparents, other family members, etc. (not the parents) to set up your 529 college savings plan then it’s not counted as income on your child’s FAFSA.

  2. racher

    1. Register for furniture and that’s two birds, one stone (three birds, really, because there’s the nursery done)
    2. Tell a contractor you’ll name your baby after them if they’ll agree to remodel your basement. Again, two birds, one stone.
    3. Our college savings plan is praying for either brains or athletic prowess to pay for education. I’ll let you know in 15 years if that worked.

  3. julie

    I’d just like to comment that I think your poll sucks because it won’t let me double vote.

  4. Rebekah

    my advice is to just ask us how much we have done to prepare, and you will feel immensely better.

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