Let the shopping begin…

So, Robert and I bought our first “baby” product today, and I will say, so far, so good.  We went to a consignment sale at a local elementary school and got a pack ‘n play for my office for $10.  Now the baby has a place to sleep and play while at the church, which will probably be quite often.  We will still need another one for the house (and to travel with).

But we still have a lot more shopping to do and it is a bit overwhelming.  We ventured out to Babies ‘R Us for the first time a few weeks ago and we both broke out in hives.  There are so many things out there for babies and we have no idea about what we really need and what is a waste of money.

Thanks to a good friend, we already have the Baby Bargains book, so we have started to do some research.  But, what we need is the tried and true advice from all of you that have already been down this baby path.  So, what do we need?  What is a waste of money?  What other advice do you have for us?  

We need all the help we can get, so please feel free to inundate us with all of your advice!  And if you have any gently used items (or equipment as they refer to it, like your baby is some kind of machine) that you are ready to part with, we would be happy to purchase them from you.



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5 responses to “Let the shopping begin…

  1. Sarah & Daren

    You’re totally right, it is TOTALLY overwhelming to register.

    If your church is anything like ours, don’t bother buying clothes, except for a couple special outfits… you’ll have plenty for the first few months. Also, as my brother-in-law says, blankets are the fruitcake of baby gifts. You’ll probably get tons of them.

    Our top 5 suggestions are:
    1. Boppy (especially if you’re nursing. We have two one in the bedroom and one in the livingroom, I got tired of shelping it all over. Put it in your car before you go into labor and sit on it when you’re on the way to the hospital and back home… the smallest bump hurts during a contraction.)

    2. Rocking chair (a must)

    3. Contoured changing pads (again we have two, one upstairs one downstairs, you don’t want to have to climb stairs every time you go to change a diaper.)

    4. Bumbo or bebePod (James LOVES his)

    5. A moby wrap (www.mobywrap.com it takes a few tries before you’re good at putting it on, but it is Much more comfortable than a Bjorn because it distributes the weight of the baby to your hips not just on your shoulders. James spends a lot of time in this and almost all day Sunday because its comfortable, he can nap, he’s with mom, and mom’s hands are free. Every time I go out with him in it, some mom stops me and asks where I got it. Its great. Internet only. We also suggest looking into an ergobaby carrier http://www.ergobaby.com again its more ergonomic and can carry a bigger baby more comfortably and its more manly.)

    In our experience, the following five items didn’t work for us…

    1. A big stroller that goes with your carseat (others may disagree). We haven’t even used a stroller yet. We just carry him in the moby.

    2. A swing. (If it was swinging, it just made
    James throw up.)

    3. A baby sized dresser. Get one that will last through his/her teenage years. (Baby ones don’t hold enough.)

    4. Chew toys for the refrigerator, James would rather chew on a frozen washcloth.

    5. Ear thermometers. You get way different readings every time.

    Other little things that we use: Lots of wash cloths, hooded bath towels, mirror for the cars so you can see the rear facing seat, play mat with toys hanging down, books, fingernail clippers, nose sucker, baby Tylenol, baby Mylecon (it breaks up gas bubbles which can make babies fussy), a pump (if you’re nursing), baby monitor with multiple receivers, chew toys that have lots of parts to grab on to… overwhelmed yet? We also use cloth diapers (BumGenius 3.0)… but that might be too complicated for a working mom. Remember every baby and family is different. This is just our experience. Good Luck!

  2. Tom Bryson

    Good Lord, I have never seena “reply” that is longer than the post itself.
    In my expert opinion, I think…, haha, who am I kidding.

  3. Sarah & Daren

    What can we say, babies need lots of stuff. It kinda takes everything else over.

  4. Kathy

    Do you think that Mylecon stuff would work on adults? No one in particular… definitely not Nick… just wondering… :/

  5. Sarah & Daren

    So I was in Target today and noticed that they started selling Moby Wraps. I can’t tell you how useful ours has been. What is particularly nice is that for the first couple months, I wore James in the wrap at church. It really discouraged members from asking to hold him; and if they do ask, you can say that taking him out might wake him up or make him fussy and you don’t want to upset him. Its a nice way to keep him close until you’re ready to pass him around. It would be worth looking into or trying one if you know someone else who has one.

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