Let the voting begin

We went to the doctor today and actually got to hear the baby’s heart beat without getting an ultrasound which was exciting.  We also scheduled the BIG ultrasound for Sept. 23.  So, for all you die hard readers out there, we need your input into what flavor baby you think we are having.  I think the baby is definitely Cookies ‘n Cream but Robert knows for sure that the baby is Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate.  Now it is your turn to weigh in on the big debate.  Vote for what flavor baby you think we are having and check back to see which of us was right!  You can vote in the poll on the right side of the screen.



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11 responses to “Let the voting begin

  1. say who? which flavor is which??? 🙂 I vote to get one scoop of each. PC(USA) wouldn’t have a problem with that, if I remember correctly… (you may delete this if it’s over the line)

  2. knittinpreacher

    Mint Chocolate Chip, for sure!

  3. I was already to vote for the Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate before I looked at the poll and saw you really WERE talking about the gender of the baby….

    As such, I’ll have to take a (somewhat tongue in cheek) stand against the stereotyping of genders by what type of ice cream they’re “supposed to like.” Let’s have a kid who likes BOTH flavors, WHATEVER sex he/she is!

  4. racher

    Are “Cookies n’ Cream” and “Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate” euphemisms for body parts? If so, I may never look at a double scoop cone the same way again.

  5. Marci

    Before I vote, I have a question for you….
    which names are easier for you to come up with? boys or girls?
    Seriously, I need to know. I have a scientific method.

  6. Morgan

    I think I come up with more girl names, but mostly because Robert is a Jr. and we are still deciding if we will continue the name with the baby, so thinking of boy names might just be a waste of brain power, which is already in limited supply these days.

  7. Tom Bryson

    I vote for Trey Hay. Which flavor is that? When do we vote on whether the baby will be a Blue Hose or a Tiger/Eagle? I think that is a better debate than gender.

  8. Nick

    I vote for TREY HAY!!! TREY HAY, TREY HAY, TREY HAY, TREY HAY, TREY HAY…!!!! It sounds great in a chant, just imagine the Auburn crowd after he wins the Heisman! TREY HAY, TREY HAY! You can even flip the vowels, TRAY HEY, and it still makes sense! Clearly I’m bored at work

  9. Sarah Hofmann

    You know, statistically speaking if your sample size gets big enough your results on this poll should be 50/50. That still didn’t stop me from voting GIRL! BTW are you going to find out the gender on the 23rd?

  10. Robert

    Leave it to a Hofmann to make this a mathematical debate….

    Yes, we are finding out on Sept 23rd (or so that is what the Dr is telling us). We can’t wait!!!!

  11. Amy

    Ah, yes, Robert….but at least Sarah chose a practical application for her mathematical analysis…remember the donuts? Speaking of donuts…I vote for “Krispy-Kreme Flavor” or how about “Taco Town Flavor”… rolled up in a blueberry pancake, dipped in batter and deep-fried it until it’s golden brown and served in a commemorative tote bag with vegetarian…oh, you know the rest….

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