Spoiled rotten already (and apparently for the last few years)

Apparently our unborn child is already spoiled rotten. Our child is the first grandchild on both sides of the family. Matter of fact, if Morgan’s cousin Keith and his wife Whitney hadn’t beaten us to the punch by only a few months, our child would be the first great grandchild on all sides of the family. I guess our child will have to settle for first great grandchild of only 3 of 4 possible families (Hay, Farnell, and Morse) and second great grandchild to the Anderson great grandparents. So, being the first great grandchild to 3 sets of great grandparents, the second great grandchild to the other set of great grandparents, and the first granchild to all of the grandparents, we have been anticipating that our child would be sufficiently spoiled from the first day of his/her life. However, we were not anticipating that the child would be spoiled before being born. And we had no clue that at least one grandmother began spoiling her unborn grandchildren several years ago.

Last weekend we learned that my Mom has been stashing away items for her children’s unborn children for years. As we gathered on Saturday to celebrate HER birthday, she first insisted on giving Morgan and me two bags full of items that she has been buying and collecting for our unborn children for years. And apparently she has only given us some of the stash…rumor is that there is more to come! As surprised about this as Morgan and I were, my brother Kevin was even more surprised to learn that she has also been collecting items for his unborn children, despite the fact that he is not married nor in a relationship with anyone!!!!

Here is a picture of the items she surprised us with last weekend:

More books than the kid will be able to count until after having completed geometry in middle school, a “Born to be Presbyterian” bib, an Auburn pacifier, and a tailgating chair made for 2-6 year old kids. And as I said, the rumor is that she has more stuff stashed and she is continuing to buy stuff every day!

Morgan and I don’t want to discourage this type of spoiling! Matter of fact, we would like to encourage all of the aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, great grandparents, and friends to follow my Mom’s lead. After all, we are just a poor preacher/nonprofit manager family.

Thanks Mom for setting a great example and we look forward to much more spoiling!!!!



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3 responses to “Spoiled rotten already (and apparently for the last few years)

  1. Robert and Morgan,
    Enjoy the spoiling! Don’t worry it only gets better!

  2. Meredith

    I’ve already started shopping for little Carrot Salad Jr. too!

  3. I remember the day I stumbled upon my stepmother’s stash of items for her “unborn grandchildren”. I’m happy to know she’s not alone in her nuttiness. She’s also the queen of spoiling – my childhood bedroom at my parent’s house has been converted into the “grandchild room” complete with two bookcases, a plethora of toys, and our old bunk beds. I’m sure your little one will get a similar royal treatment.

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