War Eagle HAY

The morning Morgan told me that she was pregnant, she did it by bringing me the following items:

Of course, my first reaction was, “Morgan, you know I prefer to wear orange on game day, and I don’t think those little koozies are gonna fit on my beer.”  I kid!!!  I knew exactly what it meant and I couldn’t have been more excited.  It means that our baby is gonna get a real edukayshun by goin and gettin some state schoolin’ at Auburn instead of getting a snooty education at a small liberal arts institution like Presbyterian College.  Ok, ok, I will not force my kid to go to any school.  I will let them choose, but as my dad said, if they go to Alabama, they are on their own!!!  And if they want to go and be a Blue Hose (that is the mascot for Presbyterian College), they are gonna need to get some scholarships…

Speaking of those 10th ranked Auburn Tigers, it is about time that football season got here.  You may have seen this commercial on TV for Disneyworld:

That is exactly how I feel tonight.  I am too excited to sleep!  I can’t wait for College GameDay, Herbstreit, Fowler, Howard, and yes, even Corso.  And I really can’t wait to see those Auburn Tigers take the field!

Unfortunately, we decided to give up our season tickets this year (awwww, sad) so I won’t actually get to see them take the field tomorrow.  However, I have been doing my research about alternative ways to watch the games.  The game this weekend is not on TV and is only available via PayPerView in Alabama and Louisiana.  You can purchase ESPN GamePlan ($109 today and $129 after today) from your cable/satellite company and see the game tomorrow.  Or depending on your internet service provider, you may be able to watch the game online for free.  Check out ESPN 360 to see if your internet service provider is included in the list of providers who get access to ESPN 360 games for free.  If you have Comcast (like I do) then you are out of luck.  I know that AT&T (formerly BellSouth) is included.  If you do have access to this, then you can watch the Auburn game this weekend for free online.  We discovered that the church has AT&T internet, so Morgan, the future Auburn Tiger in her belly, and I will be watching the game in her office (we might even setup the projector)!!

War Eagle HAY,


PS- I’m too excited to sleep!!!!


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  1. dude, i love the pacifier. “Start ’em early” indeed! Sucks that you gave up your tix. Next year, just do what I do and eBay the heck out of most of them – pick 2 games you want/think you could go to, and sell the rest (or even sell the whole season). You hang onto your seats, and make back the $$.

    I’m obviously excited for our national championship season as well. See you in November! 🙂

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