My bed is calling

Earlier this summer, Robert and I decided that it was time to get a “big girl and boy” bed.  When we got married, I had read somewhere that couples that start out with a king size bed have a higher divorce rate, so I insisted that we get a queen size bed.  Being the newly married couple that we were, trying to buy our first home and pay for the honeymoon, etc. we bought a pretty cheap mattress set.  Then for Christmas that year, we finally bought bedroom furniture, including the bed.  

Well, seeing as how we have made it through 7 and a half years of wedded bliss, and the old mattress has seen better days, and the fact that my belly is growing exponentially each day, we finally decided to get a king sized bed.  We actually bought the mattress and ordered the new bed frame at the end of June.  But thanks to the delivery company breaking the original bed and some elaborate run around from the good folks at Pottery Barn, we just got the bed yesterday.  

But, it is wonderful, and huge, and I might not ever leave it again.   


Our new bed

Our new bed

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is actually the picture from the catalogue, in real life it looks even better, albeit, unmade and ready for me to lie back down in it at any given moment.


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