We have been watching a lot of Olympics here at the Hay house.  I have to say, it is a little addictive and keeping me up way past my bed time, but oh well.

12 years ago the Olympics were in Atlanta and Robert and I had just started dating.  We spent a day wandering around Centennial Olympic Park and going to a basketball game.  We also got to attend the Closing Ceremonies at the last minute and a party afterward.  Robert was getting his wisdom teeth taken out the next day, so he couldn’t eat any of the party food.  Poor guy.  

12 years later, we aren’t watching any Olympic events in person, we are married, and we are expecting a baby.  Times change, don’t they.

These days, my Olympic training consists of walking between the couch and the bathroom.  I am pretty sure that I clock an average of about 26.2 miles a day heading to the bathroom.  I will be ready for the marathon in no time.  I am also pretty sure that the baby is already in training for the trampoline and is using my bladder for the trampoline.  And although I can’t actually feel the baby move yet, I know that Baby Hay is already working on perfecting the backstroke and butterfly.  Watch out Michael Phelps, this baby has your number.


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  1. Sarah Hofmann

    Maybe its the half a glass of wine I just had (yes you will be able to drink again someday… at least a little), but that was the sweetest blog post I’ve read is quite a while. You guys are so cute!

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