“I don’t know if we will have enough time!”

For those of you familiar with the movie Old School, then you probably recognize this quote.  The context of this quote basically summarizes this past weekend for Morgan and I.  We have had what I would consider to be your stereotypical “married and pregnant with first child” couple weekend.  Here is a summary of our weekend since Thursday night:

Thursday night we went to see The Dark Knight at the new Movie Tavern movie theater that opened near our house.  All I can say about the movie is “WHOA!”  This is one of those great movies that I will see again and again.  However, the great thing about the Movie Tavern is that they serve dinner food (bar food) and beer.  See my post on my blog for a more detailed description.  We went to the 6:30 PM movie and ate dinner there (shared mini-burgers and popcorn, I had a beer and Morgan sneaked in a Caffeine Free Diet Coke) and we were home by 9:15 in time to watch Michael Phelps!  Sounds like a great married couple date night.

Friday night Morgan met me at my office after work and we went to Atlantic Station.  Atlantic Station is one of those hip and trendy places in Atlanta where people “WORK, LIVE, and PLAY”.  There are some really nice stores there and some really great restaurants.  Well, we had two places on our list: H&M and IKEA.  Morgan had heard that H&M had nice maternity clothes.  Well, the one at Atlantic Station doesn’t.  So, we walked out into the courtyard and started debating where we were going to eat dinner; Rosa Mexicano, Fox Sports Grille, Strip, Copelands Cheesecake Bistro.  All of these places are really hip and trendy places.  Well, being the indecisive couple that we are we decided to just go ahead and go to IKEA and figure out dinner after that.  Of course we get to IKEA and end up just eating dinner there; Sweedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.  What a great Friday night date dinner.  We then proceeded to look at the baby furniture ad nausea.  We liked several things there, but we of course wanted to compare it with something.  So, we headed to Target.  Despite there being a Target 2 miles from our house, we went to the Target at Atlantic Station because it is more hip and trendy and thus we could justify being at Target at 9pm on a Friday night.  We again looked at the baby furniture.  We both agreed that we liked some of the stuff at Target better than the stuff at IKEA.  Those of you with more experience in this arena we would love your input!  We headed home from the Target around 9:30 pm and again were home in time to watch Michael Phelps!

Saturday morning started with me running to McDonalds to get the baby a sausage biscuit because that is what Morgan said the baby wanted.  We then met with a contractor to look at finishing our basement.  For those of you who haven’t been to our house, we have a 1400 sq ft unfinished basement and we are looking to get it all setup before the baby gets here so that there is room for the grandparents to visit comfortably (if we can afford it).  After meeting with the contractor we headed out to Discover Mills to check out the Haggar Outlet (pants for me) and Motherhood Maternity (pants for Morgan).  I bought a couple pairs of pants and Morgan bought a couple pairs of maternity pants.  She doesn’t need them yet, but she went ahead and got some.  We also bought her a t-shirt that says “Future Auburn Tiger” with a big AU on it for football season.  We then had plans to head to Home Depot and Sam’s Club.  On the way from Discover Mills to Home Depot we saw the Rooms To Go Outlet and so we decided to pull in.  It is a great place for scratch and dent stuff.  Well we came out and my car wouldn’t start.  We proceeded to call everyone in the ATL that we know and either everyone couldn’t come get us or they weren’t answering their phones.  We finally got in touch with Dave (the Pastor Morgan works with) and he was able to pick us up.  After many phone calls to the dealership and towing companies we decided that at 5 pm on Saturday we weren’t going to get the car fixed and so we went back to our weekend plans.

We were heading to Home Depot and Sam’s Club to look at patio furniture on sale (end of season sales).  We have a great screened in porch and we got a great deal last August on furniture for the screened in porch.  This past spring I (with the help of my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my brother, and Tom Bryson) built a deck addition to the screened in porch.  I needed a place to put a grill.  So, we needed a couple of chairs and a table for the deck.  So, we headed to Home Depot and saw some stuff we liked, but I had seen something cheaper at Sam’s Club a few weeks earlier.  So we went to Sam’s Club and found the perfect chairs and table and it was even cheaper than it had been a few weeks earlier.  So we purchased it.  Of course it was too big to fit in Morgan’s car and my car was still in the parking lot at Rooms To Go so we asked them to hold it until Sunday.  We then went to Sangrias (our local Mexican restaurant) and then were home in time to see Michael Phelps.

Sunday we went to church and then had lunch at Waffle House.  We then started trying to figure out the car and the towing company.  After many phone calls we finally figured it out and got the car fixed!  If that wasn’t enough of a successful afternoon, we picked up the patio furniture from Sam’s Club, I put it together, Morgan went to the grocery store, I vacuumed out the garage, and then we finished the afternoon by grilling out on the porch (smoked sausage with fruit salad and pasta salad) while sitting in our new patio furniture.

New Patio Furniture

New Patio Furniture (and our dog Miller)

The drinks you see there are my beer (Miller Lite) and Morgan’s fruity drink (non-alcoholic).  Morgan’s drink is actually a concoction she came up with that she swears taste just like a Strawberry Limeade from Sonic.  It is Sprite mixed with V8 Strawberry Banana juice with real strawberries cut up and put in it.

We are now watching the Olympics.  There is no more Michael Phelps, but I am sure they will talk about him before the night is over.  So, that was our stereotypical “married and pregnant with first child” weekend.

“I don’t know.  I don’t know if we will have enough time”

-Frank the Tank



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2 responses to ““I don’t know if we will have enough time!”

  1. Nick

    I definitely feel like I got a lot older while reading that! WOW! Is that what happens when you get married, you go to look at furniture all day long! Atleast you bought an Auburn T-Shirt and drank a beer.

  2. Lorinda

    Umm…….just wait till an exciting Friday night is the 6:00 seating at Wendy’s. And, then MAYBE a trip to the grocery store (“if we have time”) if the baby’s not screaming too loudly. Soak up the shopping – we haven’t been able to do any w/o a babysitter since 2006. Seriously – we paid a babysitter last week so we could go to the mall. Love y’all and love reading the adventures! Oh, Morganna – frozen coke, schmozen coke. Our parents probably smoked crack with us and look how perfect we are. Chic-fil-a ice cream was my thing (have you tried it?!). I gained 48 lbs, but whatever.

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