So far, knock on wood, I really haven’t had any crazy pregnancy cravings.  I have yet to sent Robert out in the middle of the night hunting down some odd concoction of food.  The one thing that usually sounds good to me all the time is ice cream.  But as the pregnancy gods would have it, the baby hates ice cream.  Who are this kids parents, you ask?  I know, it totally doesn’t make sense, especially since I am supposed to want to eat pickles and ice cream all the time.  But alas, the baby pitches a hissy fit anytime I even think about ice cream.  It is very sad.

However, I have found a replacement for ice cream this week.  I have a bit of an obsession with… those of you that are really rule abiding pregnant women, or think all pregnant women should abide by all rules, you might want to stop reading now… FROZEN COKE.  I know it is crazy, but give this girl a 89 cent QT frozen coke and she is happy as a clam!  I have been avoiding caffeine, but at the check up before last, I asked the doctor about it, since everything I read says something different.  The doctor said one coke or cup of coffee a day was ok.  Still, I was trying to be good and was avoiding caffeine.  But then my willpower totally broke and I thought, I’m not free basing Starbucks or anything, one frozen coke can’t kill the baby, can it?  So, I indulged, and it was the most glorious, sweet nectar of the gods, frozen coke in the history of time.  

That was last Thursday.  And I really deserved that frozen coke.  I had spent all week getting ready for Youth Sunday and the lunch afterward for the youth to talk about the afore mentioned mission trip.  And, because of a genius plan at the church, the youth were not only leading worship and speaking at lunch, but they were also cooking and serving lunch!  So, thankfully, my heaven sent seminary intern agreed to take on the lunch duties, with middle schoolers helping no less!  So, the intern and I trekked off to Sam’s last Thursday to buy 105 pounds of potatoes and other fixings for the lunch.  Well, anyone lugging around that many potatoes deserves a frozen coke.  And the obsession began.

The next next frozen coke moment came Sunday afternoon.  Robert and I had put in a grueling afternoon of laying on the couch and watching the Olympics.  There was an hour or so break in the coverage, so we decided to get out of the house and off the couch for a bit.  Instead of taking the puppy on a walk, we loaded the puppy and ourselves into the car and proceeded to drive around.  We are really environmentally friendly around here.  So, as we were heading back home, Robert asked me what I wanted for dinner, to which I responded, “The baby needs a frozen coke!  Stat!”  So off we went to not 1 but 2 locations seeking a frozen coke machine that worked.

Then this week, I have broken down twice more and bribed myself with frozen cokes.  Need to go to the bank and the grocery store, then get a frozen coke to help make it through.  Need to get some real work accomplished, a frozen coke will solve all the problems of the world and recruit Sunday School teachers.

Seriously, internet, I have a problem.  Can someone out there direct me to a 12 step program for frozen coke addicts?  Or better yet, send me a frozen coke machine that make diet, caffeine free, frozen cokes?



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4 responses to “Obsession

  1. There is a bar in Athens that has a frozen “Jack & Coke” machine, just like the kind you see at at the daiquiri places! Of course, that probably won’t be much good to you now… 😀

  2. Marianne

    you are cracking me up. and don’t worry about the caffeine. i had it everyday with both of my girls and they turned out just fine…well, kate had collick, but i don’t think the coke was to blame. enjoy your frozen coke (i am assuming a frozen coke is a coke icee?)

  3. oh my gosh – i lived on those too! it was about the only thing i could keep down! Katie isn’t too warped because of it. 🙂

  4. Molly Darnell

    I had two cravings when I was pregnant:
    Chili dogs at Corner Pantry (Greensboro, GA) and Grilled cheese sandwiches with Grape jelly.
    I know, it sounds strange now, but apparently didn’t render any permanent damage to my son.


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