Just to appease my husband

As Robert noted earlier, I read a lot of blogs.  However, reading a lot of blogs does not necessarily correlate into being able to write witty blog posts.  But, in order to appease my husband and to keep the back rubs coming my way, I figure I better post the occasional blog.  

In case anyone out there is thinking about having a baby in the near future, here is some advice based on my 15 weeks of experience.  I always assumed pregnant women in their last trimester had it the worst.  Since I haven’t gotten there yet, I don’t really know.  But I do now know that the first trimester is pretty bad, especially when no one knows you are pregnant.  So, a week of VBS while the AC in the church office is broken and it is 100 degrees outside, a mission trip to California with 20 youth and 3 weeks of back-to-back youth conferences is not so wise.

The trip to California was the worst.  I found out 3 days before we left that there had been a change in the housing situation and we were now sleeping on the floor of First Pres. Hollywood.  Pregnant and sleeping on the floor- awesome.  Then, when we got there, we found out there were no showers available for the women at the church.  Maybe, if we were lucky, the 25 women on the trip could drive a few miles down the street each day and wait, in an un-air-conditioned house, to take a shower in one of the four showers available.  Fun times.  

The first day of work, I had pink eye and couldn’t see out of my right eye all day, while working in a dusty warehouse, shrink wrapping loads of random stuff onto pallets.  The second day, we worked at a soup kitchen from 6 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.  I have an all new respect for people that have to stand on their feet all day to work.  We spent the day preparing and serving meals, which included, pulling the rotten lettuce of the head until you got to un-rotten lettuce to make salad and peeling hundreds of hard boiled eggs.  I barley made it through the day without throwing up.  It was rough, even if you weren’t newly preggers!  

Then, on the last day of the trip, one of our youth was sick.  So, I had to stay behind with her, in the un-airconditioned house, while everyone else went to Warner Brothers for a studio Tour.  I was not a very happy camper.  I was exhausted, and hot, and hungry, and ready to go home.  Before the group left for the WB tour, they went to get lunch and were supposed to bring lunch back for me.  But of course, they totally messed the order up and I ended up with no drink, no fries, and a roast beef and cheddar sandwich, which I hate.  So, needless to say, I was over the Hollywood trip by this point in time.  This was during the heat wave in LA, so I was miserably hot.  I finally took off all of my rings because it was so hot in the house and I was so bloated and pregnant.  

Anyway, the rest of the group finally returned and the sick one felt better, and we all ventured out to the Santa Monica Pier for dinner and an evening out.  By this point, the day had cooled down and I was so glad to be out of the hot house.  All I wanted to do, was eat a nice meal and relax.  So, the other advisors and I headed off to a Mexican restaurant at the end of the pier.  Seeing how Mexican is my favorite, my mood was starting to pick up.  As we were waiting for our table, I looked down and realized that I still didn’t have my rings on.  So, I fished into the pocket on my purse where I had put them and came out with the ring Robert gave me for graduation from seminary and my wedding band, but no engagement ring.  Mild panic started to creep over me, but I figured the ring was just in the bottom of my purse.  I searched some more, then emptied the entire purse, then searched the ground, then had a heart attack.  The ring was no where to be found, and as luck would have it, I was standing on a pier, over the Pacific Ocean.  So, if I dropped the ring while fishing it out of my purse, it was now fish food.      

I was freaking out.  Not only could I not find my engagement ring, but the ring was Robert’s great aunts and was a family heirloom.  I called Robert in tears.  I was freaking out so much, he thought someone was dead.  The pregnancy hormones were in full overdrive and I was a wreck.  I finally tried to pull myself together enough to eat dinner and wait the few hours we had left until we all meet up to go back to where we were staying.  Of course, as we are waiting for all the youth to show up to our meeting place, I get a text from some of them that they are on the ferris wheel and would be late.  I just wanted to leave so I could go back to where I had originally taken off my ring to see if it happened to still, by some miracle, actually be there, and not on the bottom of the Pacific.  30 minutes later they all finally showed back up and off we went.  When we got back, I made everyone wait outside, so I could look first before 20 people all piled into the little room.  I ran into the house and there was no ring on the table where I was sitting.  Then I dropped to the floor and began looking under the table and all around.  Still no ring.  I was about to start crying again, when all of a sudden, a hand appears under my face, and in that hand is my engagement ring!  One of my advisors had found it in the mat on the front porch.  Apparently, when we left and I got the keys out of my bag to lock the door, my ring had fallen out and landed by the front door in the mat.  I still think finding it was a miracle! 

When we arrived at the Atlanta airport the next day, Robert was there waiting on me with a brand new, 25 cent, gum-ball machine ring.  It is beautiful and will come in handy for later in the pregnancy and any mission trips in the future!



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6 responses to “Just to appease my husband

  1. Morgan,

    I’m not sure we ever met properly, but I was one of the Small Group Leaders for MYC Theta, and actually had Robert’s “prayer rock” for Week 4. As a Southern Californian, myself, I’m sorry your experience here was so difficult. I’m certainly glad your ring was recovered!

  2. thedarkarts

    Wow, Morgan! What a story. I am so glad you posted it. The part about the pregnancy hormones made me laugh…that was definitely the worst part for me. I remember feeling like I had been possessed by a demon or something…I was so out of control of how I felt. =) I remember your lovely ring and am so glad you found it. You will be glad you have all this saved one day to tell Baby Hay! ~Kate

  3. Robert

    Hmmm, just to appease me. You are just placating me long enough to get another back rub. If you didn’t want me to find that out you shouldn’t have shared it on the blog. Now I know your true intentions. If me withholding back rubs is what will get you to blog then maybe I will just have to start doing that.

    Thanks for finally posting (and for finding the ring)!

  4. Leslie

    I loved your post. The two months I was pregnant, I spent a week chaplaining at our Presbytery camp, a week at Mo-Ranch with junior highers, and a week on a mission trip to South Louisiana. On the way home, the youth were complaining about things, and all of the sudden I was yelling at them and turning the air conditioning off until they “acted nice”. I felt like I was watching some crazy lady in a hot bus full of teenagers 🙂

  5. susan

    In about 10-12 weeks you will want to add foot massage to the list. Keep blogging!

  6. LL

    Who says you can’t write a great post? I’m so glad you found your ring!

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