Baby practice

This past weekend we were popular.  Well at least we felt like we were.  It has been a long time since we had been to a dinner party and this past weekend we went to not just one, but two dinner parties.  Fortunately the topic of discussion at both dinner parties was either pregnancy or raising a new little one.  The dinner party on Friday night had at least one other couple that was expecting and so we had plenty of conversation about pregnancy and we felt like we could relate to a lot of what the others were going through.  It is good to have friends who are expecting at the same time because then we can all share the experience and support each other.

The dinner party on Saturday had two couples that had just recently had babies.  One baby was about 3 months old and the other baby was less than a month old.  Both babies were in attendance at the dinner party and so much of the conversation surrounded the little ones.  So, we got some practice holding a baby and we got all of the gory details about diapers and food and sleep (or lack of sleep as it seems).  It is great to have friends who have little ones so that Morgan and I can get more familiar with being around babies.  It comes pretty naturally to Morgan, but I still need practice.  Here are few pics of us holding Katie (Andy and Elizabeth’s little girl):



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2 responses to “Baby practice

  1. Tom Bryson

    remember the good ole days when the only couple expecting was Nick and James? haha They would get up and leave if we talked about china patterns. I don’t think they would have made it through a baby conversation.

  2. EMSA

    boy, that is one cute baby! and someone with great fashion sense must have given her that outfit!

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