Some ultrasound pictures

Typically (at least so Morgan tells me) when you go to the doctor for your checkups they don’t do an ultrasound every time.  So, at this point we really should have only one ultrasound picture.  However, the last two times Morgan has gone to the doctor they have not been able to find the heartbeat with the microphone thingy that they use.  Fortunately for us our doctor has an ultrasound machine in the office so they can immediately send Morgan to the other room for an ultrasound to check on the heartbeat.  The great thing about this is that means that we have gotten extra ultrasounds and thus we have more ultrasound pictures.  The bad thing about this is that I am sure they are charging us for the extra ultrasounds and for a brief few moments Morgan just about has a heart attack when they can’t find the heartbeat until the ultrasound confirms that everything is fine.

So, here are our 3 different ultrasound pictures to date:






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7 responses to “Some ultrasound pictures

  1. Tom Bryson

    That kid is all backbone, wow. How much longer till we find out the gender? We need to know if a MSU jersey or cheerleader outfit would be better for that little Bulldog.

  2. libby

    congratulations! you’re having a lima bean!

  3. susan

    love the pictures! pretty soon you will be able to see boy or girl parts! did the doctor tell you the heart rate?

  4. Morgan

    the heart rate was 152. i tried to get them to look around, thinking just maybe we could tell if the baby was a boy or a girl, but the ultrasound tech was having no part of it. she said- i’m just making sure there’s a heartbeat. nothing else today. oh well, next time we should find out.

  5. Marianne

    ok – that first pic totally looks like twins. are you sure it is just one?

  6. Morgan

    Robert was convinced it was twins before the first ultrasound. He kept having dreams about twins and everywhere we went we ran into twins. I told him that if it was twins, I just might faint. So, we made a bet. The loser has to change the first diaper. I won. There is only one baby in there- the other thing that looks like a head is the yolk sac.

  7. Debbie Morse

    152bpm sonds like a girl to me, boys usually have a slower heart rate.

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