So, was this planned?

When you tell people you are having a baby one of the first questions many people ask is “was this planned?”  Well the answer for us is YES!  This was planned.  Those of you who know me well enough know that I don’t do anything without mapping out a plan and making a schedule first, so of course we planned this.  Matter of fact, there has been an awful lot of thought that went into not just the decision to have a baby, but when we wanted the baby to be born.

I am an avid college football fan (War Eagle!) and for every year since 1996 I have had Auburn football season tickets.  So, in order to work around the college football season I have been saying for years that we would have a winter/early spring baby when we finally decided to have a baby.  The reasoning being that if we were to have a baby in, say, February that Morgan would be pregnant during the fall and during football season.  However, she wouldn’t be so pregnant that she wouldn’t be able to attend games in the fall and thus I would have a driver to all of the games and wouldn’t miss any games for the football season that she was pregnant for.  And then after she has the baby in, say, February then by the time the next football season rolls around the baby would be old enough that we would feel comfortable enough leaving the baby with the grandparents or a babysitter and thus we wouldn’t miss any other football games the next season.

This would be our reasoning for a February baby if we hadn’t decided to give up our football tickets this fall.  Since we decided back last spring to give up the football tickets for this year that left us without a plan for when to have a baby.  So, as we began to think about having a baby we ended up with the same timeframe but for a totally different reason.  Being that Morgan is a preacher there are a few times a year that are really busy for preachers; Advent (Christmas season) and Holy Week (Easter season).  So, we decided that the best time to have a baby would be enough time after Christmas that she could make it through the Christmas season working and far enough before Holy Week that she could still take a good maternity leave and be back in time for Holy Week.

With two totally different logic paths we came up with a February baby and amazingly not only did we plan it that way, but God somehow is letting it actually work out that way.  God does amazing things.  Or maybe it is that with the internet and technology today that it was very easy for Morgan to track when we needed to conceive in order to make a February baby.  Okay, we can stick with the idea that God does amazing things…

War Eagle, Merry Christmas, and Happy Easter,



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  1. Melanie

    Well congrats on timing it just right–most people totally miss the mark!! I’m going to have 2 November babies, but at least I can have a drink at Christmas I guess! 🙂

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