Making a baby Hay

Since the hip and trendy thing to do seems to be to create a blog when you are expecting a child then it only makes sense that we would create a blog to track our pregnancy.  I mean, after all, when you think of hip and trendy the first thing that pops in your mind is of course Morgan and Robert.  Ok, so maybe those are not the words that are most likely to be associated with us in your head.  Maybe words like dorky and nerdy are more appropriate but these words also describe a couple who would create a blog when expecting a child, so here goes.

Yes, we are expecting our very first blog baby sometime in early February 2009 (February 3rd is what the Doctor says).  Due to the nature of Morgan’s job we have had to keep it a secret until she could find the appropriate time to tell the church she is serving.  She told the church this morning and it was received with excitement and joy.  So, now that the church knows it becomes public knowledge and we can get to the important business of creating a blog.

We are not new to the blogging world.  I have had a blog for several years.  In the beginning my blog was about my journey to find meaningful work and so since I hated my job I found plenty of time to blog about it.  Once I got my current job almost 2 years ago my blog kind of fizzled out.  I had recently began to blog there again (not because I don’t like my job, but because I wanted the creative outlet) but I think this blog will probably be where I do most of my blogging for the next 6 months.

Morgan had a brief blog several years back but most of her experience with blogs comes from her extensive research of reading blogs.  Some may even classify her as a blog stalker.  She reads more blogs than anyone I know and therefore has very high standards on what she thinks a blog should look like.  So with Morgan’s high standards came her expectation that our baby blog would be hip and trendy.  To be hip and trendy Morgan said we needed a clever name and a sharp site.

So, we started trying to come up with a name.  We went through several names.  Here are a few:

  • A roll in the Hay
  • Another PK Hay on the way
  • Hay is for Horses
  • You can stop asking us when we are going to have kids
  • Are we crazy?
  • OMG what have we done!

And as you can see we finally settled on Making Hay.  Yes there is double meaning to the name and hopefully you get it.

Since everything we are experiencing now is new to us, we thought we might as well throw one more thing new in and create our baby blog on a platform that we are not familiar with.  Both of our other blogs are on, and I am very familiar with how things work there and I think the blogs there are great.  But, we thought we would give a try and see if we could learn something new.  So, here we are on  Of course since this is our first endeavor in the wordpress arena we hope that some of our more experienced wordpress friends will help us to further customize this blog.  So, if you consider yourself a wordpress guru, please let us know cause we need some serious help.  Like how to add a custom widget…

Well, that gets us started on the baby blog.  We will try to keep this thing updated at least weekly if not more frequently.  We will put up some pictures of the belly growing along the way and report on all of the fun things that we are going through.  We also are expecting that if you are reading this blog and have been through all of this before that you will share with us your tips and tricks about pregnancy and beyond because, although we are very excited, we are also very scared.

Proud Papa-to-be,




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6 responses to “Making a baby Hay

  1. Tom B.

    Yeah, let the official party begin!
    Next we need a post with all the important dates coming up. I think I heard that Feb is the month but when do we find out about the gender and where or not it is a Tiger or a Blue Hose? Trey or May Hay? When should be get together and party? Lots of questions to be answered by this great new blog.

  2. Jennifer Hume

    Morgan & Robert,
    I am so very excited for yo both. I know this is a thrilling time. My sister, Memrie-Ann had her first baby (girl- named Avery Lynne Graves) in March – yes, I’m an aunt. It’s been a roller coaster, but it’s been really fun! Y’all are going to be wonderful parents. I can’t wait to see baby Hay. I love the blog site. You’ve done a terrific job. Please tell everyone I said hello. ~ Love, Jennifer

  3. Kathy

    Hooray for Hays!

    Glad to know the word is out – I’m not very good at keeping quiet, especially when the news is this exciting! This is going to be one lucky baby with two awesome parents.

    Now, how are you going to break the news to Nick that he’s going to have to relinquish his big-kid room with the twin beds and secret passageway?

    Love, Kathy 🙂

  4. Debbie Morse

    I’m going to be a Grandmother, @ last!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The title of your blog “Making Hay” is very cute.
    Your Daddy & I are painting the Study/sewing room to turn in into a bedroom for this new little Hay.’
    Love, Mother

  5. Tasha & Walker

    CONGRATULATIONS! We can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pics!

  6. Dude, congrats! We’re very excited for your growing family and glad that you and Morgan will still be able to take part in our special day!

    BTW, I must say, I remember looking at some blogs with you back during those “dark days” before you found your dream job, while you were showing me the ropes of my own blog, and we stumbled across one of those where a couple took pics of the growing tummy of a mom-to-be. And you said, “I would never do that. And neither would my wife!”

    And here you are. Don’t go back on your word… 😉

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